5G Security: Key Aspects

27 July 2021

Since the beginning of our activity, in Layakk we have been studying the security of mobile communications for years, in different areas: network access protocols, core network protocols and specific implementations (in the baseband of the terminals and in different elements of the network of the operator). Apart from…

Android Malware I.
Lab Setup

2 June 2021

This series of articles in our blog is motivated by the amount of news circulating with headlines like “Android malware steals your bank details”, “Malware that won’t uninstall from your Android”, “Malware that reinstalls without you noticing”…. The question is, how does it work at the system level, how…

Frida VS Anti-Debug Techniques on Windows (I)

4 February 2021

In this series of entries we are going to show practical examples of how to use Frida to bypass anti-debug techniques that some applications implement. This series begins with a short description of what Frida is, presenting the environment we will use for the examples we show later; followed…

EUCC in 5 minutes

23 December 2020

Portada EUCC V1.0
EUCC (from “European Union” and “Common Criteria”) is the first european security certification scheme for ICT products being defined under the umbrella of the CyberSecurity Act (CSA), as we mentioned in our previous article dedicated to the CSA. Maintaining our goal to make things as simple as possible for…