Common Criteria Certification

Security Evaluation according to ISO/IEC 15408

The evaluation of products under the ISO/IEC 15408 standard, best known as Common Criteria, allows for the obtention of certificates that are valid at an international level. In these evaluations many aspects of the security of the product and of its lifecycle are reviewed, providing a high level of assurance.

Inclusion in the CPSTIC catalog

The National IT Security Evaluation and Certification Scheme (ENECSTI), of which Layakk is an accredited IT Security Evaluation Facility, allows products with Common Criteria certificates to be included in the Catalog of ICT Security Products (CPSTIC) as a qualified product for use in systems affected by the National Security Framework (ENS), with security classification HIGH in the case of Common Criteria certifications.

International recognition

Common Criteria certificates are recognized internationally by all signatory countries of the CCRA (Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement) or SOG-IS (Senior Officials Group Information Systems Security) agreements.

Assurance Level

Common Criteria defines seven assurance levels (EAL1 to EAL7) which define different depth levels in the evaluation of the security of a product.

Currently Layakk is accredited for evaluations up to assurance level EAL2, but we can perform evaluations of any assurance level.

Who must initiate a Common Criteria certification process?

Any vendor that:

  • is interested in including their product in the CPSTIC catalogue for systems with security classification HIGH, and/or
  • wishes to obtain a security certificate for their product that is recognized internationally.

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