Layakk is a company certified by the National Cryptological Center (CCN) as a company evaluating the security of Information Technologies, being able to evaluate under the following methodologies:

Common Criteria (ISO/IEC 15408) methodology

LINCE methodology

Proprietary and/or ad-hoc methodologies

Laboratory Accredited for the

Security Evaluations of IT products

The number of network-connected devices has grown exponentially in the last years, causing companies and organizations to have more and more systems that process sensible information. The protection of that information relies largely on the computational infrastructure that manages it, therefore it is becoming more and more critical to evaluate the security of those products. This is specially relevant in the case of Public Administrations, which manage information that is very sensible both for citizens and for the State itself.

Many organizations do not have the resources to perform security testing of the products they want to deploy and rely on products that hold an official Security Certification, which attests that they have previously been tested by an Accredited Laboratory.

Our clients in this area are HW and SW vendors that wish to obtain such a certificate for their products.

Accreditted Laboratory (LINCE and Common Criteria)

Layakk is a Laboratory accredited to perform Security Evaluations of IT products (IT Security Evaluation Facility), integrated in the ENECSTI (Esquema Nacional de Evaluación y Certificación de la Seguridad de las Tecnologías de la Información) certification scheme.

Such accreditation was granted by both the Certification Body (Organismo de Certificación, OC) of the National Cryptologic Center (CCN) of the National Center of Intelligence (CNI), and the National Accreditation Agency (ENAC).

The accreditation covers the methodologies Common Criteria and LINCE. We are also authorized to perform STIC-Complementary evaluations and other evaluations related to the CPSTIC product catalogue.

Furthermore, in those cases where our clients prefer not to follow a specific methodology, we can also carry out Security Evaluations of products using our own methodology completely customizable to the needs of our clients.

What are Layakk's differential values?

Our Laboratory works especially well with Vendors which, beyond pursuing the obtention of a security certificate for their product they really want to improve its security so they can offer a top quality product.

Our fundamental values are the quality of our evaluations, working as a team with the Vendors, total honesty and the simplification of the Evaluation processes so that the work load of the Vendor caused by the Evaluation process is reduced to a minimum.

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