New image, same personality

During the last two years Layakk has experienced a transformation, from being a company purely centered on technical cybersecurity services, to also become a Laboratory officially accredited to perform security evaluations of IT products, conforming to Common Criteria (CC) and LINCE  methodologies.

Some may be surprised to learn that we have embraced formal methodologies for security evaluations of IT products, and they may think that we have crossed over to the dark side, and that we have abandoned hacking, but nothing could be further from the truth: we are not abandoning the red team activities, nor the research, nor the evaluation of the security of products using our own methodology, instead, we are extending their scope and applying them also to formal security evaluations. Also, in our opinion, formal methodologies make a lot of sense when the goal es to officially certify the security of a product, because they provide measurability, comparability and reproducibility of the actions performed on it during an evaluation.

This transformation has been a challenge, but we are very happy to have tackled it, and very satisfied with the results so far. Also, we are totally ready and excited to implement the transformations that the CyberSecurity Act will impose in the imminent future in the security certification of IT products arena all across Europe.

Because of this evolution, we dediced it was time to also evolve our corporate image, although without any intention of breaking with our past, of which we are very proud.

The redesign was carried out by Socarrat and was based on maintaining the essence of the company but reflecting its new capacities in a much more current format.

The new log incorporates a new sail, becomes bicolor, updates its typography, and adds a subtitle that reflects the area of expertise of the company:

We hope you, our clients, who are the reason for our existence, like it as much as we do.

Best regards from the whole Layakk team.