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Hacking y seguridad en comunicaciones moviles GSM / GPRS / UMTS / LTE (SECOND EDITION)

Authors: Jose Pico & David Perez

Publisher: 0xWord Computing

Year: 2014 (first edition in 2011)



Hacking de dispositivos iOS: iPhone & iPad

Authors: Various authors (Chapter 12 written by David Perez & Jose Pico)

Publisher: 0xWord Computing

Year: 2013


White Papers

Date Language Publication
January 2014 EN Using easy-rsa certificates for authentication within IPsec in standalone Windows systems

( Files of Step-by-step guide 1 , Files of Step-by-step guide 2 )
January 2011 EN A practical attack against GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSPA mobile data communications

Black Hat DC 2011

May 2010 EN A tool for capturing SMB files with Wireshark

Other Publications

Date Language Publication
March 2019 ES Seguridad en 5G

RootedCON 2019
December 2018 ES Red Team como herramienta de protección frente a APTs

September 2016 ES Home Cracking. Construyendo un clúster.

Rooted Valencia 2016
March 2016 ES Atacando 3G vol. III

Rooted CON 2016
February 2016 ES 3G Attacks

December 2015 ES Herramientas de ataque Wi-Fi para el mundo real

SecAdmin 2015 [Vídeo]
November 2015 ES Seguridad de comunicaciones móviles 3G

CyberCamp 2015 [Vídeo]
September 2015 ES Atacando 3G Vol. II

RootedCON Valencia 2015 [Slides-ES]
March 2015 ES Ampliando el arsenal de ataque Wi-Fi

RootedCON 2015 [Slides-ES]
September 2014 ES I wanna jam it wid you

Rooted Satellite 2014 [Slides-ES] [Video(ES)]
March 2014 ES / EN Atacando 3G

RootedCON 2014 [Slides-ES] [Video]

Attacking 3G

RootedCON 2014 [Slides-EN] [Video(ES)]
September 2013 EN Geolocation of GSM mobile devices, even if they do not want to be found

BruCON 2013 [Slides] [Video]
June 2013 ES Protección de comunicaciones en dispositivos móviles

March 2013 ES Sistema de localización geográfica de un terminal móvil

Rooted CON 2013 [Slides] [Video]
November 2012 EN Video: Owning a PC via GPRS
March 2012 ES Nuevos escenarios de ataque con estación base falsa

Rooted CON 2012 [Slides] [Video]
March 2011 ES Un ataque práctico contra comunicaciones móviles

RootedCon 2011 [Slides] [Video]
January 2011 EN A practical attack against GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSPA mobile data communications

Black Hat DC 2011


Tool Description v1.1

Tool that, making use of, automatically points a robotic WiFi antenna so that the received signal level from an AP is maximized. v1.1 lk_servo_system.conf.example v1.1

Python library that implements an abstraction layer and an API for controlling pan/tilt systems. The configuration of the system is done through a JSON file, which should be similar to lk_servo_system.conf.example.

The utility uses that library to control such a system.


Patch for hostap, to add client filtering based on vendors, and MAC anonymization on screen and log messages. v1.1

Tool to find the best position to receive a particular WiFi signal. v1.1

WIfi CLIent TArgetting TOOl. Tool to display information about WiFi clients in real time.

lk_k2db v1.0

Set of tools to extract intelligence information from Kismet captures. v1.0

Library to log messages to screen or log files for python command line utilities.


Set of shell scripting libraries. Current version includes the following libraries:

  • library to handle options in your shell script command line with C or python coding style.
  • set of mathematical functions (under construction)
  • some functions to help with network tasks (under construction)
Wireshark SMB2 plug-in
Wireshark SMB plug-in

This freely available plugin for Wireshark provides the ability to save SMB/SMB2 files contained in a Wireshark trace, thus demonstrating that SMB/SMB2 traffic is a high-risk and high-impact vulnerability for the enterprise information security.

SMB v2 support was added to our original plugin in February 2013. This release also includes many more fixes and features that are explained in our former blog. The SMB v2 file extraction feature is included in Wireshark from development version 48210 on.

SMB v1 support was implemented in 2010. This article in our former blog and this white paper in our Lab contain all the details regarding the tool. The SMB v1 file extraction feature is included in Wireshark from development version 33229 on.